nestle waters and environment

Our long standing commitment to environmental stewardship is founded on soundly-based monitoring and objectives.

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Environment a Serious Topic

A long standing priority for Nestlé Waters
The preservation of the environment is without a doubt one of the most important challenges that our society faces today. It’s a complex, emotionally-charged issue, and one that our company takes seriously so that in this debate we can move beyond emotional reactions and easy answers.
Nestlé Waters’ environmental commitment is not simply a pose adopted in view of the headline issues of the day. The very nature of our business depends on water resources, and our continued economic success requires that we manage that resource on the long term.

A template for water preservation
Over the years, Nestlé Waters has become an expert in water resource management. We work to share our knowledge and our know-how both at the local level and with international institutions. Through this contribution, we hope to help develop concrete, effective solutions for improved management of this precious resource.

Measure, optimise, engage
In 1991, the entire Nestlé company adopted a comprehensive environmental policy that makes its ecological stand an integral part of its good governance principles. Five years later, with the Nestlé Environmental Management System, we instituted standard measurement criteria that made it possible to set common optimisation goals for environmental performance at every level of the company. The fact remains that our business, like every business, has an impact on the environment: bottles manufacturing, industrial operations, delivering our products to the consumer, end of life for the packaging…In order to constantly satisfy customers’ demands with the least possible environmental impacts, our environmental policy is organised into three different actions:

Measure: be able to deliver reliable environmental ratings at all levels of the company as well as provide pertinent performance indicators to guide our actions.

Optimise: spread our best environmental practices to every sector where they are economically viable in order to continuously improve our operations.

Engage: fulfil our role as a leader by sharing our knowledge and our expertise in water resource management, stay on the cutting edge of research and innovation to develop solutions for tomorrow.